Rapid Learning Cycles

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Achieve Agility with the Right Batch

by Kathy Iberle

Splitting development work into small, independent batches speeds up software development because it shortens the feedback loops dramatically. (See What Makes Agile Work).  However, just splitting work into small batches won’t necessarily get good results.  The definition of the batch is critical.  Let’s look at why. The Batch Must Deliver Immediate Value The batches move […]

What Makes Agile Work

by Kathy Iberle

Agile methods create speed and flexibility in software projects – but why?  The answer may surprise you.  Agile methods work because they reduce feedback loops dramatically.   Modern agile methods also improve communication and (to some extent) development methods, but most of the improvement in speed and flexibility is a result of how the flow of […]

Rapid Learning Cycles: Agile for COTS Projects

by Kathy Iberle

Are you frustrated by how much time it takes to purchase and configure large COTS (Commercial-Off-the-Shelf) software packages?  A COTS package is better than build-from-scratch for many large government and business projects, but it’s still a huge amount of work, especially when legacy systems must be integrated with the new package.  You’d love to use […]

What is the Rapid Learning Cycles Framework?

by Kathy Iberle

The Rapid Learning Cycles Framework* is a synthesis of the best ideas from Agile Development for software and from Lean Product Development methods used in hardware. The framework is tailored for teams working on physical, chemical, and biological products – which includes mixed hardware/software projects. In these domains, Rapid Learning Cycles speed up the long, […]