As a consultant, I work primarily with managers and leaders.  We usually start with an on-site assessment to understand your unique strengths and problem areas.  I’ll suggest options for improvement, and we work together on choosing what will work best for you within your budget.  I can guide your staff through process changes, or teach them how to identify and make the process changes themselves, via workshops and training sessions.

My services are customized to the individual client.  I try to bring you exactly what you need, rather than spending your time on things which aren’t relevant for you.  My goal is to work myself out of a job.

I can help you avoid bottlenecks and optimize the flow of work through:

  • high-tech development projects
  • mixed software/firmware/hardware projects
  • IT departments
  • and othersRapid Learning Cycles Advisor Logo

I am a Certified Advisor for Rapid Learning Cycles, a framework for product development that leverages key concepts from Lean and Agile for R & D teams making tangible or physical products.

I provide coaching on process improvement, using both traditional methods and the Improvement Kata,  and I offer coaching in quality improvement, using tools such as root cause analysis, corrective action, test strategy, and preventative methods.

I also provide services for other consultants.  I can assist with facilitating a large event or class.  If you’re an Agile practitioner who wants to include a Lean view in your material, or vice versa, I can help you develop the additional depth in your own material.

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