KathyIberleSquareDo you want faster, more reliable product development?

You’re already using modern product development methods, but you’d like to kick it up a notch:

  • Deliver faster and more predictably.
  • Eliminate nagging problems with bottlenecks and quality issues.
  • Clear up the fog around handoffs or decisions.

If you’d like to do any of these, I can help.

I work with development leaders and managers to strengthen your development process.  I know my way around development processes – I’m familiar with a wide variety of modern development methods, including phase-gate processes and multiple varieties of Agile and Lean, and I’m a Certified Advisor for Rapid Learning Cycles.  Rapid Learning Cycles Advisor LogoAnd I know how to find where the problems arise and how to stop them, since I have a deep background in many flavors of quality assurance and process improvement, from Hoshin planning to the Improvement Kata.

This dual background enables me to quickly pinpoint opportunities for improvement and propose solutions which fit into your current development framework.  I help you strengthen your unique process and capitalize on the strengths of your organization.

Whether it’s hardware or software, my approach is to build quality in, rather than test it in, so I work with development and quality groups hand-in-hand.  You can see my philosophy in action in my articles and other writings.

I offer onsite consulting, onsite workshops, and public workshops and online classes.  I also often partner with other consultants.  My work is tailored to the individual client and your unique situation.

Call or email me – let’s get started!

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