This page contains a collection of publications, short self-published booklets, and blog entries on Lean, Agile, process improvement, and software quality.  I hope you find something helpful.

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Quality and Throughput Improvement Techniques

Visual Planning Boards and Kanban Boards

Agile and Lean

 Improvement Kata

Software Quality and Testing

Other Useful Sites

Whittier Consulting’s Lean Product Development Resource Center: home of many useful quick references (called “knowledge briefs”), templates, and examples for all aspects of Lean Product Development.

The Scaled Agile Framework.  A collaborative effort by several major players to provide a model for large-scale agile in the enterprise.  The authors include Dean Leffingwell and Alan Shalloway.

Mike Rother’s Improvement Kata.  An iterative process improvement technique which incorporates overall goal-setting, use of the scientific method to decide what to do, and small batch sizes into one coherent package.