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Get More Batches Done Faster

by Kathy Iberle

In Achieve Agility with the Right Batch, we explored how and why to define a batch which delivers value.  Now we’ll look at how to make your system deliver more batches faster.
We start by envisioning the development process as a system or machine turning ideas into saleable stuff.   Our work is divided into batches, which are carefully defined so each one will deliver value.  During development, each batch moves through a series of activities from start to finish.   The system can be optimized by applying the tools of queuing theory to this batch-and-activity model.

What is the Improvement Kata?

by Kathy Iberle

The Improvement Kata is a pattern for making improvements.  It’s based on practices used at Toyota, where they apply the scientific method via a deliberate practice pattern or (in Japanese) a Kata. The Improvement Kata treats each change as an experiment.  Your hypothesis is that doing X will make things better.  Try it and see if that’s true!  Once you […]

Best Practices – Not!

by Kathy Iberle

There are lots of good practices for software development and testing, and I recommend practices all the time.  However, I’m very reluctant to call anything a “best practice” (except perhaps “Do unto others…”).  Here’s why. Practices are context-dependent.  They work when they fit the particular product, the starting point, the resources available, and the people.  We bake some dishes, […]