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State-Driven and Calendar-Driven Planning Boards

by Kathy Iberle

Agile projects generally use some form of state-driven planning boards, where each user story moves through a series of states until it reaches “Done”. This is an excellent way to handle work which doesn’t have deadlines prior to release or a lot of interdependencies. What about projects which do have interim deadlines and interdependencies?  Is a visual planning […]

It’s Not Software – Can I Use Agile?

by Kathy Iberle

Yes.  And no.  It depends on which definition of agile you use. In the broadest sense, agile methods work by splitting your delivery into small batches and working on one batch at a time.  The team or organization finishes and delivers a batch before moving on to the next set of work.  Each time the team […]

The Agile Fluency Game

by Kathy Iberle

Last week, I attended an excellent workshop given by James Shore, Diana Larsen, and Adam Light to learn how to use the Agile Fluency Game. The Agile Fluency Game simulates the adoption of agile by a single team.  The Agile Fluency Game does discuss the Agile Fluency Model, but the model itself isn’t the focus of the game.  The simulation […]