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Best Practices – Not!

by Kathy Iberle

There are lots of good practices for software development and testing, and I recommend practices all the time.  However, I’m very reluctant to call anything a “best practice” (except perhaps “Do unto others…”).  Here’s why. Practices are context-dependent.  They work when they fit the particular product, the starting point, the resources available, and the people.  We bake some dishes, […]

What Makes Agile Work?

by Kathy Iberle

Agile methods work because they optimize the flow of work  through an organization while focusing on delivering value early and often.  Improvements to human communication and interaction are layered on top of the fundamental work flow, but much of the difference between agile and traditional methods is due to the way in which the flow of work is managed. […]

Reviewing papers for PNSQC

by Kathy Iberle

I’ve reviewed papers for the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference for many years.  I enjoy working with authors to help them develop a clear and coherent paper which advances knowledge in their field of interest. You can see a 2015 interview on this topic on YouTube, courtesy of PNSQC.