Last week, I attended an excellent workshop given by James Shore, Diana Larsen, and Adam Light to learn how to use the Agile Fluency Game.

The Agile Fluency Game simulates the adoption of agile by a single team.  The Agile Fluency Game does discuss the Agile Fluency Model, but the model itself isn’t the focus of the game.  The simulation focuses on what happens as agile practices are adopted and how those practices support each other – or don’t.   The game does an excellent job of simulating the different effects of various practices, and what happens if you choose to adopt them in one or another order.  Playing through this game several times, coupled with thoughtful reflection, could save a team months of experimentation in real life.

To really benefit from the game, it should be led by someone that’s been trained in both the mechanics of the game (which is fairly complex, in Euro-board-game fashion), and also trained in how to help the players recognize the “why” behind what happens.   Shore, Larsen, and Light are currently training both internal and external consultants in the game via workshops in various locations.  See