KathyIberleSquareDo you want faster, more reliable high-tech development?

  • Do you want to use Agile methods outside the pure software world – for hardware products? or IT support?
  • Are you struggling to explain Agile to your Lean company, or vice versa?
  • Does your organization seem too large or too complex for Agile?

I can help.

I’m a Lean/Agile consultant for development leaders and managers. I can help you tailor Agile and Lean methods to fit your projects and your organization. I understand why Agile works – and how to get Agile results in projects which don’t fit the mold of classic Agile.

I also have a long history in software quality, testing, and process improvement. My approach is to build quality in, rather than rely on testing quality in, so I work with development and test groups hand-in-hand.  You can see my philosophy in action in my articles and other writings.

Rapid Learning Cycles Certified PartnerAs part of my extensive experience with Agile and Lean, I’ve applied the Improvement Kata in software groups, and I’m a Certified Advisor for Rapid Learning Cycles, a framework for product development which leverages key concepts from Lean and Agile for corporate R&D teams making tangible products.

I offer onsite consulting, onsite workshops, and occasional public workshops.   I also often partner with other consultants.  Most of my work is tailored to the individual client and your unique situation.

Call or email me – let’s get started!